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Bug fixes and updates

Updates and fixes

New feature

18th May 2021

Support for xtream codes api with restreamer / transcoder

Smarters PRO Support

XCIPTV Supported

most xc api devices Supported

More info

Adding to web player

16th May 2021


You can add vod from..
Unlimited Youtube import

Unlimited import

Unlimited upload MP4 with browser

Add Live

live m3u import

Add Single live

Web Player

16th May 2021

We now have a web player available

Support most modern web browsers

Can be used with any m3u file that is hls(M3U8).

Import unlimited stream

Add unlimited vod

Add unlimites series and shows

Ministra Billing

16th May 2021

You can run billing portal, transcoder and ministra server on seperate servers

Install ministra billing portal on one server

You can run ministra server on another

And run transcoder in another

You connect all servers together to make it better for load balancing

Transcoder Auto stop

16th May 2021

To save resources on your server, running streams automatically stop after inactivity

Streams will stop after a certain amount of seconds which you set in admin.

Streams will start again when viewed by user.

Bug fix

14th May 2021

Adding mag device and login with username and password on app.

We Fixed issue login in with username and password in Ministra Apps